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The official name of the asylum by the lake in Etobicoke, Ontario, was the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital when it ceased to operate in 1979. It was originally known as the Mimico Branch Asylum, when it first opened. Between 1889 and 1979, it was also known as the Mimico Insane Asylum (renamed 1894), Mimico Hospital for the Insane (1911) Ontario Hospital, Mimico (1920), and later Ontario Hospital, New Toronto (1934). This site attempts to portray the long and interesting history of the hospital, as well as honour the memory of the patients who lived, worked, and died there.

The direction that this project has taken was directly inspired by Dr. Geoffrey Reaume’s book, Remembrance of Patients Past: Patient Life at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1870–1940, which is a seminal work on the history of psychiatric patients.

The name of this web site was inspired by Dr. Ruth Koeppe Kajander’s description of her time as a doctor at the asylum in 1952: although she admired the “lovely setting by the lake,” she was highly critical of the deplorable conditions in which the patients were forced to live.


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Recent Updates

March 17, 2014: As of this date, this web site (with the exception of events) will no longer be updated. I will continue to answer e-mail messages regarding this web page and the hospital.

I started the project almost ten years ago. Over the years, I answered countless e-mails and reunited the patients buried at the cemetery with their surviving relatives. Although my interests have changed since then, the web site will remain accessible online.